The History of the Yorubas

History Yorubas: The King was said to be in friendly relations with the King of France with whom he had


Yoruba: Religion and Medicine in Ibadan

Yoruba Religion Medicine Ibadan: Concerning the status of Olodumaré, Idowu finds Yoruba theology emphasizes the unique status of Olodumaré. He


The Forgotten Books of Eden

Forgotten Books Eden: The Forgotten Books of Eden, barred from biblical sanctity and relegated to centuries of esoteric obscurity, come


The Kybalion

Kybalion: In this work we have endeavored to give you an idea of the fundamental teachings of the Kybalion, striving


The Third Testament the Ilect Verses of Jah Rastafari

These speeches, some of them excerpted, in the variety of occasions for which they were intended, as well as in


The Ethiopian Book of Life

Of all the magical works written in Ethiopic and Amharic which have come down to us, the most curious and


Toward a Theology of a Developing Nation

In our quest to obtain independence in the developing nations of the world, there is a great need to reclaim


From the Maroons to Marcus: A Historical Development (Caribbean Children Series)

A biography of the black nationalist leader who worked to improve conditions for black workers in his native country of


Rituals of Power & Rebellion: The Carnival Tradition

Rituals of Power & Rebellion: The Carnival Tradition in Trinidad & Tobago, 1763-1962 The noble contributions of African peoples in


The Pimp’s Bible: The Sweet Science of Sin

These stories are as real as they come, they ain t no joking matter. It s a rude awakening to


Dread History

Dread History demonstrates what philosophies and ideologies helped to influence and shape this new, yet old, dynamic and progressive Pan-African


The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy

This book influence the Rastafarian leaders of the 1920’s. It emphasized Black Pride. Black Dignity and Black Glory. Leonard Howell


The Secret Doctrine of Melchizedek

The Secret Doctrine of the Order of Melchizedek in the Bible A historical exposition of The Devil and His Fiery


The Biography of Satan

A historical exposition of The Devil and His Fiery Dominions. Disclosing the oriental origin of the belief and future endless


The World of African Music Vol. 2

The World of African Music Vol. 2 (Stern’s Guide to Contemporary African Music)