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Awaken The World Within


Awaken World Within: “When the ancient religious system was overthrown in the revolution that began in 325 AD at the First Council of Nicea, the new system adopted the symbols of the old to appease the people. The zodiac sign Aries was transformed into the gospel Jesus as “the Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world” …

“At first the Greek and Romans mocked the jesus that was born in a manger. To them it was a joke; but too soon it became a tragedy. They were fated to see blood flow like water as the priesthood marched with Bible in one hand and bloody sword in the other, slaughtering all who refused to worship the manger-born jesus (Luke 2:7), and protected in their blood work of the Roman army.

“It is the worst catastrophe the world has ever seen. For refusing to swallow the fraud, seventy million people  were murdered …”

Professor Hilton Hotema

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Hilton Hotema


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