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Queens Moo & The Egyptian Sphinx

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Coming Soon! … Queens Moo & Egyptian Sphinx: “The Ancient classical Mayan Story of Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx, written by Augustus LePlonegeon was first published in 1896, with a special request to the Librarian in the Library of Congress; that all rights of translation and reproduction be reserved.

“The body of works in this book holds pertinent and groundbreaking information regarding the connection amongst three continents, Africa, South and Central America and the lost or sunk continent which is often referred to as Atlantis by old world historians and anthropologists.

“This story bridges the connection between the cosmologies of the ancient Mayan peoples,  who inhabited the area now known to us as Central and South America, with Atlantis and ancient Africa, to be specific, the northern African country called Kemet—or the land of the great pyramids known to us today as Egypt.”

Ras Sekou Tafari