The Original Maccabees Bible with Psalm 151

This is a classical religious text of which four books have been excommunicated from the standard Biblical text. The four


The Kebra Nagast

The Kebra Nagast-The Queen of Sheba & Her Only Son Menyelek The story of the Queen of Sheba and her


The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed

The Lion of Judah Hath Prevailed, was written by Christine Sanford in 1955, to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Emperor


The Last Black Mecca: Hip Hop

The Last Black Mecca: Hip Hop : A Black Cultural Awareness Phenomena and It’s African-American Community Hip Hop has changed


The Rastafari Ible

The Books of the Glory of Kings and the Utterance of JAH. About the Author Jahson Atiba Alemu I was


Taste of Mama Nature

Taste of Mama Nature: A Handbook for Vegans & Vegetarians


Rasta: Emperor Haile Sellassie and the Rastafarians

A classic look at the relationship between Emperor Haile Sellassie I and the Rastafarians. About the Author Born in Trinidad


The Power Of Concentration

Power Concentration: I know that every man who is willing to pay the price can be a success. The price