Taste of Mama Nature

Taste of Mama Nature: A Handbook for Vegans & Vegetarians


History of Negro Revolt

A History of Negro Revolt … is Pan-African in conception, with an interesting attempt to trace the history of struggle


Rasta: Emperor Haile Sellassie and the Rastafarians

A classic look at the relationship between Emperor Haile Sellassie I and the Rastafarians. About the Author Born in Trinidad


A Rastafarian View of Marcus Mosiah Garvey

A Rastafarian View of Marcus Mosiah Garvey Paperback


Thoth The Hermes Of Egypt

Thoth Hermes Egypt: As the “All-knowing Thoth had a particularly complete Knowledge of Egypt: This is expressed in one of


The Power Of Concentration

Power Concentration: I know that every man who is willing to pay the price can be a success. The price