The Golden Dawn

The Mother Church, born in darkness, developed in the blood of millions of innocent victims who refused to embrace its false dogma, sustained by instilling the fear of death into the mind of the masses, beholds the brilliant reflection of the Golden Dawn and trembles.

For the sign of the approach of the Golden Dawn heralds the reviving of the lost wisdom of the Ancient Magi; which informs man of the mysteries of Creation that will liberate his mind from the fear of death.


Empyreal Sea – Live 1400 Years

Why do deer and crows live long? Why do some of the lowly turtles live 1500 years? If an animal can live so long, why can’t man live just as long? Surely, we should be able to discover the reason for the turtle’s longevity. By applying these principles to the way of man, then he too should live, to say the least, as long as a useless turtle.


The Magic World

Hotema tells a private story about himself that he has never before told in his writings. Contents: Magic Intelligence, Magic


The Queens Of Egypt

Queens Egypt: The history of Ancient Egypt is full of surprises for the modern investigator. Its extraordinary culture, the high


The Oldest Book in the World

Oldest Book World: We present to the reader in the following work at its beginning, a  series of every archaic


Pan Africanism and Zionism: Political Movements in Polarity

About the Author Toks Adewale is a scholar-activist with over twenty years of experience in researching, writing, speaking, and organizing


Rasta: Emperor Haile Sellassie and the Rastafarians

A classic look at the relationship between Emperor Haile Sellassie I and the Rastafarians. About the Author Born in Trinidad


Thoth The Hermes Of Egypt

Thoth Hermes Egypt: As the “All-knowing Thoth had a particularly complete Knowledge of Egypt: This is expressed in one of