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The BEIJING MAESTRO: It’s Glorious To Be Rich


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A historical novel, The Beijing Maestro enthralls, grips, fascinates and rivets. A story of survival and triumph, illustrating clearly how one person can effect monumental change in the course of a lifetime. An exciting saga highlighting China’s emergence from centuries of extreme turmoil and devastating poverty to the heights of world economic dominance.

One man, destined to change China’s course in history. Deng “The Beijing Maestro” Xiaoping, blended communism and capitalism and proclaimed to China, “It’s Glorious To Be Rich.”

In the five thousand year history of China, of all the leaders that occupied the seat of power, in its capital Beijing, the most remarkable is Deng Xiaoping, The Beijing Maestro. When The Maestro began composing his economic symphony, the people of China lived in a tumultuous hell. Today, products made in China are ubiquitous, dominating the world’s markets.

Growth of that magnitude doesn’t just happen. It takes leadership with a clear and steadfast vision, tenacity, and the wisdom to motivate a nation to greatness. The Beijing Maestro was such a leader.