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The Giovinci Family has a plan to stop the legalization of drugs…but there is one problem…they put a Black President in the White House.

With the Vice-President dying of a heart attack days earlier, the President and Speaker of the House are assassinated in a London hotel…The Laws of Succession Act states that next in line to lead the nation is the Senate Pro-Tempore, which happens to be a Black Senator from Illinois with ties to America’s most influential mob family.

Follow the life of Calvin Smart from childhood to the Oval Office and what challenges he faces as America’s First Black President.

Editorial Reviews

“A great behind the scene look at life on Capitol Hill and why drugs aren’t legal in America.” — Marcus Kline, Frontline Magazine.

About the Author

Charles Edwards currently resides in Chicago. He was born in New York City. Edwards handles Public Relations for the City of Chicago.

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